Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gift from Japan

1st Edition 1997

2 days ago.. I had received a parcel or it should be call packet from Japan.. Ohh.. 1st time got delivery from Japan.. Before this just got postcard from Japan.. hehehe.. very excited, I knew what was in the package when I read the sender name.. It’s from Kazuteru.. my brother… Who’s know what it is?.. ehehe.. I opened it and it was 1st edition of album Siti Nurhaliza Aku Cinta Padamu.. Yes it is not Japan version.. but it’s OK because that was 1st edition, which is I also don’t have it.. Actually 1st edition and Japan version quite similar.. the differences only Japan version got 1 extra paper that got explanations about the album and tracks list and also 1 paper for album title and name of the artist..

Thank you very much to Kazuteru for the present.. hehe.. I really luv it..;p

~~: May b visiting you next time.. in Japan..;p.. Oppss English hancusss… tp utk kamu tahu Ang masuk kan di blog hadiah itu… terpaksala tulis kot English... tq..;p

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